Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Irish dancing

Well, I've had my holiday for the year. I've been to the national Irish Dancing competitions in a little township called Paraparaumu, above Wellington (nz). It was Catherines second trip in a plane, and this time she was old enough to antipate it a week before we left...(yet still young enough to loudly ask on the plane who smelt like poo?)..
First photo is me and Catherine in front of our parlimentary building, named the beehive for obvious reasons.. (sometimes called the hornets nest by a shameless few :P)

And this one... well its actually the first time I've visited the beehive and didn't realise they sport a giant banana right outside, so I HAD to get a photo of that too.

This is our accomodation in Paraparaumu. A lovely little motel. It included a spa bath which we thought was pretty cool. Me and Catherine went in together in our togs. You can just see the rolling mountains in the background.

And this one is the actual dancing. This was the parade of champions... the only time youre actually allowed to film, or take photos. I didn't think to take close ups. I could show you a photo of Teresa with a sock pinned to her head to puff the wig up (tricks of the trade), but I was told I wasn't allowed to put it on facebook, and I guess this probably counts too.

And this is what I did today. I had to add this, coz it was a hellofa job, and I couldn't believe I actually got them all back into place.

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Mark said...

Being if Irish decent, I would have loved to have seen the dance competition, how cool was that? And I love that little hotel, looks like a great place.