Friday, October 1, 2010

Well, I just got some stunning earrings in the post. They are hand made from an etsy seller Rama star. They are hippy as and I love them. It's a bit escapist I know, it's not the 70's anymore, but when I feel like I want to to tell the world to get lost I'm gonna put these earrings on.

Also, I 've made a doily. In our household we have intracately made crochet doilies and table cloths made by my grand and great grand parents, and I thought I wanted to add to the collection of heirlooms to pass down to Catherine and make something worth keeping. So I found some vintage patterns on the net and made this. The thing is it only took a week, so I might try and make something even finer. I have also ordered a tatting shuttle off the net and can't wait to start learning. My grandfather could tat and I've always wanted to learn.

And last but not least, here is my Datsun at the shop. Yup. I gave it over to the proffessionals. And lucky too. They took the side panels right off and found alot more rust than they realised. So I'm looking forward to getting it back. I've chosen the colour. It's a dark green. They are taking their time though! they told me it would take a week and it's taken four!! oh well. Patience is a virtue a suppose.


Mark said...

Now, I'm no doily expert by any means, but the one you made looks very hard to do. Very intricate.
I love that fact that you are adding to the grandparents collection.
Now that's cool.

Luarna said...

Wow wow wow. First thought. "I wanna be like Janet, she gets so much done and is so talented." second thought "oh well, I guess I'll be able to catch up once Isaac gets older and doesn't need me so much" Next thought "Who am i kidding!" Seriously i loved jusr reading all your past weeks wroth of blog. was very interesting and i love know ing what your up to. impressed with the pavers, thats looks like a mamoth job.