Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yay :) I didn't realise I could upload more than 5 photos! Well, here's some special stuff from around our house. This first one is a picture of my Grandma (who died last year), on her honeymoon. Painted by my Mum's uncle.

This was my Grandfathers. Is it a sexton? I'm not sure but it's some kind of nautical equiptment. My Grandfather was a sailor.

This is a reprint of my Grandma as a child, dressed up as Little Miss Muffet. What a little actress!!

The embroidery was my Dad's mum (whom I never met). She did it for Dad as a little boy, and still hangs in Catherines room (which used to be my room, which used to be Dads!)

We have about 4 shelves of books like this. We love books. Some are really old. I love old books. Some are mums. Some are Dads. Some are Dad's Dad's. Some are Dad's grandfathers...

And this is an award my Dad got presented with at a work Christmas party. I'll never forget the intro. They said "This goes to a man, who if he found 5 cents outside his office would put up a sign on the door saying, Found 5 cents, would the owner contact me". The award says "HALO AWARD. 1953 - 1993. Presented to Roger M Dick. In recognition of his personal honest and integrety over the period of his 40 years of service and dedication to the Physics Department". They were just being dags, but it hangs next to my bed.

And this is a boat my Dad made. It actually floats. I think its a skiff, but don't quote me on that.


dcpeg said...

Wow -- you're from a family of artists, too! You've inspired me to share some of my family member's artwork. I'll try to get some good photos of them to post.

Janney said...

That sounds cool! Be interesting to see :)