Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, sometimes it's good to get help

My uncle has been helping me with advice for my business lately. Sometimes it's good to get help. I bounce ideas off my mum, because I live with her, and sometimes her feedback is even more irrational than my question... and I think it effects me in a bad way. Like she used to say "don't bother your Uncle! He's all tied up looking after his boys!" who are around 35 and 40-something years old! Well, I went over to do my cousins truck (both cousins work at my Uncles house), and it turns out my Uncle is actually more than willing, in fact extremely willing, to help me out with my problems.

And what happens when you isolate yourself and bounce ideas off people who are just as strange as you? You make STUPID decisions. My uncle is now walking me through the process of cleaning up several dumb business deals, explaining what's actually normal in business deals (ie. don't work for free!!) and will be helping me with things like getting contracts written, so I maybe able to get somewhere with this little business of mine!


Mark said...

LOL. It's definately worth reaching out, isn't it. And you were surprised at how eager he was to help. That's great.
Good luck to you and your future ventures.
Just wanted to share with another artist, I'm not the artist, my daughter is, and its a big day because she just sold er second painting. She's still in college. She called today all proud and said, Daddy, I'm a working artist.
I was so happy for her.As an artist, I'm sure you can sympathize.

Janney said...

Wow, that's great! It's hard to sell art, so it's quite flattering when it happens :)