Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello, my name is Janet...

....and its been 27 hours since my last cup of tea.

I have a dull headache, but I'm doing better than I thought. I threw up three times yesterday, but apparently it takes 48 hours to recover from a caffine addiction.

If you don't know, I've done this many times before. This time is kind of forced on me, because I skipped my tea break twice and ended up with a silly headache, and thought, right! this is not good... I can't end up like this every time I miss a tea break. So at a whim, I have decided to try again. My tea habbit is not as bad as it used to be... in fact, the way I realised I was pregnant with Catherine, was that I could'nt bring myself to drink tea anymore! I spent over 9 months without a drop! But invariably, I went back to it.

So my hopes arn't high for completely getting off it, because what can really replace it?? What is yummy, cheap, non-fattening and perks you up in the morning?
Like Oprah's been saying since the eighties "Love yourself", so I went out a bought some Jasmin, green tea. I'm also thinking splash out and buy nuts. And then maybe water... it's sposed to boost your metabolism. Who knows? maybe I'll succeed this time?


dcpeg said...

Hi, Janet. Had to visit you after your lovely comment on my blog.

You certainly are a woman of many talents!! I'm envious! Is there any sort of craft you cannot do?

I make a bit of jewelry, but stumble when it's time to try to sell any of it. Can't handle the business end and really don't want to be bothered with taxes, inventory, etc. I have a huge investment in raw materials and an even larger inventory of finished products. Does Etsy really work for you?

Janney said...

Hi dcpeg :) thankyou! I have seen your comments on Marks blog and have paid you a visit a few times :) Blogging is quite an outlet isn't it? but I have to discipline myself not to use it to 'vent' when I get fustrated!
Etsy hasn't really been effective as their are thousands of other sellers... I have just discovered a local site called FELT, a New Zealand site, and I have had some success on there, :) Would love to see some of your jewelery! (that's something I havn't tried...)
Nice to hear from you, and thanks for visiting!

dcpeg said...

Isn't Mark something?! He's a gifted writer and photog -- I love reading his stuff.

Why not use your blog to vent? I do and sometimes someone actually agrees with me. That's the great thing about blogging -- you can post anything you want - within reason and polite boundaries. ;o)

Thanks for your comment about Etsy. There does seem to be scads of jewelry makers these days. Lots of competition and variety. I'll try to get some pics of a few examples and post them.

I'm happy to meet you and will check in again.

Janney said...

I'd love to see! :)
PS> The reason I don't vent is when I do I tend to act like I'm the only one who's ever had a problem in thier life! ... and then I end up feeling silly and deleting the post lol.
Nice to meet you nayway... Look forward to seeing your work :) Janet