Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peasant blouse

Being trying to think about some folky clothes for the Auckland Folk Festival... so I've made this peasant blouse out of an old mens shirt. I found the tutorial here. I didn't get the neck quite right, but it doesn't matter. I'm happy with it overall.


Luarna said...

Wow , Gosh you is clever. I like it. Can't wait till festival.What tiem will you get there? I'm going to get there at 12noon, set up then go and get hayden from work, so i can get charmaine at eh same time if you wanted ot get there early too. How about i ring you properly and we chat.

Luarna said...

My coment didn't work! I was tryign to say "wow, you so clever" I like the idea very much. Cant wiat till festival. Will ring you to talk abobut it. I ahve an idea.

Janney said...

Sorry... I should probably reply to your comments as soon as I read them, else it's like I'm ignoring you... If you get this... cool! I'll wait for your call :)