Monday, January 4, 2010


You will need:

Kitchen scales (up to 2 kg)
Chopping board
x2 Large bowls for fruit
x 2 Large saucepans
Pouring spoon
x 6 clean jars (with lids, or use cellophane circles with rubber bands)

RECIPE (Edmonds cook book)

2 kg plums
1.5 cups of water
7 cups of sugar


Stew plums untill they are pulpy with the water. Add sugar and boil rapidly for 15 mins or until set. Pour into hot sterilised jars and seal.


1. Set up 2 bowls. One for the fruit one for the discarded bits. Measure the weight of the bowl before you put the plums in so you can minus it from the total.

2. While you are cutting up the plums, put the jars to soak in hot water to remove labels. There is a product in New Zealand called Desolve it which is good for removing label glue. I think its made from citrus.

3. Start stewing the plums and put the jars in a saucepan of hotwater at the same time. It doesnt need to be full or it will take too long to heat up. By the time the jam is ready your jars will be too.

4. Put your pouring spoon and tongs into the saucepan with the jars to sterilise them as well.


The proper method to test if jam is set is to place a bit on a saucer. Once it has cooled you should be able to run your finger down the centre and it will leave a ridge. I have found that by the time its cool enough to do that your jam has been boiling an extra 15 mins. Also, last time I boiled it long enough for it to set straight away it had turned so dark it looked black. I like it to keep its pretty red colour so I don't mind if my jam is a bit jelly-ish. I have found that after disolving the sugar I will boil it for 20-25 mins. On the plate it is still runny but a bit tacky. Once I've poured it into the jars and it has cooled, I find that the jam on the plate has set enough for me to be happy. Really, things like this are an art and they take practice, so don't give up if it doesn't work out. Put it down to experience and try again another time!

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