Monday, January 4, 2010

Impromptu shorts

Well, I'm broke. Well, I can't afford to spend $15 on the cheapest pair of shorts I cou ld find in Kmart... so I made these! I took the pattern for a pair of pants I drafted, cut them off mid-thigh and sewed them up in a scrap of fabric I had. I also bo ught a HUGE roll of elastic for three bucks. So these were basically $0 shorts... which is about what my budget allows for.
The pattern pieces shown are not perfect. The back seam comes out lower than the front and needs to be trimmed. The black lines are my adjustment lines if I make these again.... going to take the sides in to make them more surfy. I worked out they take less than a metre of fabric, so if I go to the fabrics seconds shop I found in Otara, that's $3 for a pair of shorts! O-some.

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