Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to scale up a picture for a wall

This is how signwriters transfer large images to a wall. They use a pounce. This is one method.

You will need:
Picture you want inlarged
tape measure
Charcoal or chalk

Steps 1-4

1. Take the picture you want and divide it into squares. The squares must be square.

2. Measure your wall. You will divide this into larger squares. My drawing was 5 squares by 4 squares. My wall was 100 cm high so I divided it by 4 to get the height, then multiplied it by 5 to get the width. The total was 100 cm x 120 cm. You do this to keep the squares 'square'.

3. Get a large piece of paper and draw the squares on it. (So mine was 5 squares wide by 4 squares deep. Each square was 20 cm square)

4. Now using the squares as a guide, transfer the image to the paper. The more squares you have the easier it will be to get a nicer drawing... especially if you are not that good at drawing.

5. Now turn the paper over and put charcoal or chalk on the back. I could see through by paper which is why my charcoal lines follow the outline closely. If you cant see, just scribble over the whole area
6. Tape it to the wall, with the charcoal side against the wall

7. Draw around your outline with a pen or pencil

8. Once you take you pounce off the wall it should leave the outline on the wall. You may need to fill in the blanks with a pencil. Your image is now transfered to the wall!

9. If you are doing a cartoon with a blank outline, it's easier to roughly fill in the colours first... then just tidy it up with the black outline last!

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