Friday, January 17, 2014

So weve been up to the bach again for another couple of days with friends. Well be going up with different friends next week too. Funny way to do the holidays I know, but things just seem... different this year.

So this is me taking a picture of Catherine holding a crab and me standing at a distance paranoid that if I act scared shell throw it at me. The things that go through my mind some times... I don't know!

And this is the friends who came up with us. Catherine is showing Joe the crab she found. Isn't that great? That's how youre sposed to spend your childhood I reckon.


And the little boy walking up with his Mum is Brycen. He is turning 2 on Sunday and this is what I made for him.
Little bean bags filled with rice and lavender. He LOVES trucks and cars... diggers etc...!
The illustrations are sewn on with a sewing machine.

I'm not his Aunty, but they are Loas and they call all adults Aunty, or Uncle out of respect...

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dcpeg said...

You are such a thoughtful "Auntie". That little guy is going to love those custom-made beanbags!