Tuesday, November 12, 2013

child's Singlet (Vest) Free Pattern

This is a singlet I made for my eight year old daughter. I think this pattern would do for anyone between age 7 - 10.

I made7 of these this winter and I actually made her wear 3 of them at time! Overkill? Well, this is the first winter she didn't get a bad cough so I think it did the trick. I managed to make these out of merino blend which made them extra snuggly.

The free pattern can be found here.

The pattern DOES NOT include the ribbing. For the ribbing (edging around the neck and sleeves) just cut some lengths of fabric 3 cm wide for this.

Making this singlet is pretty straight forward, but I will put a few instructions up just incase.

Cut out the back and front pieces from the pattern.

Sew along where I have marked with the pink dotted lines.

If you havn't overlocked the edges of your fabric you can do a French Seam.

Since it's knit fabric don't worry about ironing it.
 Basically what you do is sew the edges together, turn it inside out and sew down the side again, catching the raw edges inside the seam. 
It's quite bulky this way, so you might just want to overlock / zig zag or just leave the edges raw.

The neck and sleeve edging is NOT in the pattern. Just cut a length of fabric 3 cm wide for this and cut off what you need as you go.

There are better ways to put ribbing on than the way I did it.
(I have given a link below for a good tutorial)

The way I did it was to place the right side of the fabric to the inside of the singlet then sew it to the neck opening,

Then I flipped it over and tucked in the bottom and sewed it down around the neck edge.
Sorry, not too detailed , but there are already great tutorials on ribbing.
There's a great one here, with a cool free baby onsie pattern from Shwin&Shwin

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