Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Pad

So I did a little tidy and took some pictures of my lounge. I'm not really putting myself in danger coz we've got nothing to steal anyway! And everything was given to us, or scrounged off the side of the road!!
It's not the most amazing piece of interior design. Mainly I'm just happy to have a space to myself that is relatively easy to cleen and a place where I can be alone when I need it!
But some things of note are:
The stripey yellow couch actually belonged to my Great-grandparents. (Catherines Great-great-grandparents!!)
The ironing board belonged to my grandmother
All the chairs scrounged out of the hard-rubbish and done up.
Charcoal art by me.
Peacock feathers from my friends family's farm!


dcpeg said...

You are probably the most gifted woman I know! Not only are you a very talented artist, seamstress and recycling genious, but you do all that on a tighter budget than many of us can imagine!


Janney said...

thanks Peg :)