Sunday, August 18, 2013

Finished making 12 Toiletry Bags for the Women's Refuge. Now I just need stuff to put in them! Put it up on facebook with a request for donations. Already have shampoo... other things could be soap, combs, lip balm, emery boards.
I was having a conversation with the lady from the refuge last time, and she said that sometimes the women don't get these kinds of things in there day to day lives! She told me story after story of women, like the ones who were forced into marriages (often Indian women in this case) who are told before they get married..."ok, I'll marry her, so she can look after my children while I work". Then get all this abuse stuff said to them/ done to them. The sad thing is they often go back to the men because they still feel they love them and have been with them so long.

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