Friday, July 19, 2013

I think deep down we know what we really want. For me my dreams reveal to me my deepest desires. The other night I dreamt I bought a big pot, put it by my door and planted a lavender plant in it.

So I acted on my dream, trying to put a bit of paridise into my reality.

I think our blogs also reveal how we wish our lives were.

For instance we present our photos by cropping and colour inhancing like this.,..

... when the reality is more like this...

Im not sad, I'm not suicidal, but for me I know my deepest desires will never be met this side of heaven. My dreams tell me that every time I wake up each morning and they quickly fade back into my subconscious.
But there's work here for me, and I have no choice. So here I am... looking forward to a time when my deepest desires are met... Heaven... bring it on!

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