Thursday, June 6, 2013

This time its for real, I promise

More bags in the shop and 2 more custom orders for friends at church
Which leads me to this...

I quit my signwriting business... for good this time, I promise!!
I've actually been telling people and Ill be changing my website soon.
Dont laugh... coz I know this is the third time I've quit!!! but this time I'm just going to go hard out with my bags and speak lots of postive words over my decision. 

PS. somebody actually bought one of my tatting shuttles today.. WOW!


dcpeg said...

My new shoulder bag arrived last Friday. Thank you!! I'm truly impressed with your sewing skills, particularly bound button holes. I never could get them just right.

Also, your bag is the first one I've ever had that actually stays on my shoulder! That's a GOOD thing.

Janney said...

Oh that's great Peg!glad you like it :) hope it lasts you a while. Let me know! feedback is welcome!!