Thursday, June 13, 2013

of course!

Slowly transitioning from one job to another... just signwriting a car... and then on to the fun stuff... tyedying fabric! It's still pretty hit and miss and the moment. I never really know hows its going to come out. Might dye another pattern on top when it's done, which I do sometimes.

And why didn't I think of this before... shelves! of course!!

How ever did I manage to fit all my stuff in before? Well, lets just say it was one big mess.
Ok, I'm telling half truths... the rest of the garage is still one big mess. But I'm having a "blogging break" , and then back to that mess to get it into some kind of order


dcpeg said...

I've got an idea for your creative mind. Why not try painting dye on fabric? That's sorta how the hanging fabric in your pictures looks. Just a thought. . . .

Janney said...

ok, well that's another idea to try!!