Sunday, February 10, 2013

Look what happens when you spend your Sunday afternoon watching You Tube videos on how to do all kinds of things. You get home and end up with fancy nails! I used a bobby-pin for the 'dotting tool'.
I was inspired by a friend-of-a-friends blog I have started to follow... beyond the base coat. and ended up watching a few videos yesterday.


Im also trying to put a bit more effort into my appearance. On the cheap of coarse. (well I have no choice anyhow). This was a tshirt and I added some lace backed with knit (about $3 worth of fabric) . I cut it down both sides and added a strip about 100mm wide. Can you imagine how tight this used to be???
Now I know it works I'm gonna do more.


And it's still pretty hot in 'ol NZ... but I'm preparing for winter already. My flat is absolutley freezing in winter... so I'm trying this thing I heard somewhere of covering all the windows with bubble wrap! I'll let you know how it goes... and whether or not it peels of with the condensation!
And I totally want to try making newspaper duvet inners! I don't know why. I just love the idea, although I'm guessing in reality it's not gonna be that great. I'm gonna do it closer to winter to see how effective it is.

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