Thursday, September 27, 2012

I've been reading this book called "Hard Times Handbook". It was my Dad's and published in 1984. My Dad was really into frugal living and now I'm finding myself in need of these skills.
Anyway, I came across the page where it talked about people in the 1930s depression using newspaper as a bed covering, and I came up with this idea I want to try... making a fluted duvet inner and stuffing it with shredded newspaper! I was really excited to try this absolutely dirt cheap idea, so I googled it and.... NOTHING. Seems like no ones tried it... which could mean one of two things.
1. It doesn't work
2. Homeless people can't afford the internet and so can't sing the praises of newspaper stuffed duvets.

I soooo want to try it. It could be a roaring success, or a gigantic flop... but I'm so going to.

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