Saturday, September 22, 2012

I just made the COOLEST thing!!
Check it out! A TABLE made of a pallet!!

Here is a pallet...

Not the exact one I used, per se (whatever the heck that means...),
but pretty much what I used.
I pulled the boards off a few weeks ago and have been gunning to make this thing.

It was so much fun, now I have plans to make a couple of shoe racks for outside my flat.

It's actually a table for my seedlings, as it's spring here in New Zealand, and time to plant the seeds! And as I live across the road from mum and her (my) big garden, I thought it would be easier to have the seedlings just outside my door so I can water them each night without going across the road to do it there. Which I wouldn't anyway, I'd forget.


dcpeg said...

Great looking table! You are so clever. I was also so impressed with your fruit find. Some very good "power" is looking out for you.

Janney said...

Hey Peg, glad youre well... been praying for you and your back this week! Yes, I think God's been looking out for me tpo!