Saturday, August 25, 2012

Well, rememeber I said I got all that junk from the hard rubbish? someone totally threw out a brand new cupboard. Well, yesterday I had some fun and painted it!
Oh yeah, and see those shabbly looking drawers just to the side? soon youll see what I did with THEM.

And this was our dinner last night. Our food budget is $40 for the week now, but we don't eat too badly at that. I took this photo coz I was digging the garden and dug up a few wild pototoes which we ate that night!
There's also some home-grown cabbage in there too.

If you want a rough recipe it's basically:

Garlic, ginger, onion and teaspoon of curry fried,
then a small ammount of chopped meat
then add the cabbage and some precooked pumkin I had
then add the boiled potatoes 
salt to taste

Question One: Why am I so damn proud of my bogging that I take photos? Is it because when I used to work the tradesmen would brag about it, and when I was helping out at the church building, bogging these tiny little nail holes I got a "wow" from one of the men? Because bogging gets respect? Probably just in my mind it does, and makes me feel a bit better about myself.

Question Two: Why am I so scared of my landlord? I did this without permission. I fixed two window latches that were broken and then bogged the holes and painted over it to hide the evidence. Would my landlord have minded? I don't know. Would they have taken something out of my bond? I DONT KNOW. I was going to email them the picture then ask if I could fix it. But I don't know if they would have believed a girl could do a good job, called a tradesman instead, then taken it out of my bond. Or am I just having what they call escalating thoughts?


Mark said...

I love your blogging...and your photos. You are quite handy thats for sure.

Janney said...

Thanks Mark. Nice of you to say.