Friday, August 31, 2012

No money, No problems

Well, I did something today to make my flat feel a little more like "home". Living in a rental I'm more concerned about keeping things clean because it doesn't belong to me. But I think it's ok to make the place feel homey even if you don't own it. So, as I keep mentioning... I HAVE NO MONEY!! anyhow... I found this old hanging basket at Mum's that I was given. It has a missing chain and is cracked, so I just threaded a piece of string through the hole and painted it with some white patterns  to make it look a bit better. Then, having no money (!!!) I grabbed some kind of creeping plant from Mum's, maybe violets? and stuck them in the pot. I'm hoping eventually they will hang down.

And last night, because, did I mention? I have no money? WELL, I made home made pasta. Well, attempted to. I heard it on the radio, Danny Watson on News Talk ZB... was asking how we were getting by, because, actually, I'm not the only one with no money. Well a lady rang in who'd grown up in Germany and learnt to get by on nothing and gave a recipe for pasta. And it was SO COOL, because I was bemoaning the fact there was only enough money for 2 risoles a night  a week BUT... it turns out that to make this pasta-thing I made, I could have got by with only 1 risole for the whole dinner!!

And I totally gave myself a big pat on the back for my improvised cookie-cutter... a CAN!!
I didn't have the internet to help me, so the recipe was just: 2 eggs , a cup and half of flour and salt and oil.
Then I rolled it out thin as I could with a rolling pin, cut out circles with a tin (can), and added the filling, wet the edges with water and pressed them in half with a fork.

For the filling I just chopped up 2 risolles and added a small ammount of tinned tomatoes I had. They were perfect because they are SO SALTY, and homemade pasta can be a bit bland because it's quite hard to get it thin enough with just a rolling pin. I 've made this before and it was a disaster, but this time... pretty good!

I think next time I'll cut the circles in half. I know there's a name for this's in the shops but I just don't know... Ravioli or something. If Ravioli is Italian for 'cheap dinner' then that's it.

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