Friday, June 8, 2012

chicken and chips!

Well, the business is getting a little bit more work. I did this and it looks good! Nigel helped and in the end the shop owner himself came and helped put the signs up, so I was saved from that one... coz it was scary!

And here's the man himself. I made him this scarf for winter. As an aside I saw this funny article once on boyfriends having to pose for their girlfriends crochet creations... but he doesn't look too bad does he?

And here's my attempt to make a $5 pair of jeans look a bit more expensive. I tatted this flower. I was going to make them for the wedding invitations but it took 4 hours! so maybe not!


dcpeg said...

Nice scarf and even more impressive tatting. My youngest sister tatted earrings for me and my other sister as bridesmaids gifts. Very cool but very time consuming!

Janney said...

Nice one! I totally want to make earrings too!

Luarna said...

gorgeous. Nigel looks good too. i like the lenghtways stripes.