Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I learnt something really interesting lately, for me anyhow. It's about our privacy. Which is funny, because up untill the age of 20 nobody would have had to teach me about that. I kept things pretty close to my chest and didn't like to gossip or delve into other people's business. But when I decided to fully go with God I threw the baby out with the bath water. Infact I did all these things that were totally unnatural to me because I thought it was what God wanted. I wasn't a people person, but started forcing myself into close relationships with church members...because I was told we were a family... I didn't feel that way but tried to make it that way and because it went so against the grain I went about it totally wrong! I just opened up and would share with anyone things totally personal to myself.
But at bible study this week I asked about it. And they said that you need to be careful who you share stuff with, even in the church. "Isn't that just trying to protect your reputation?" I asked. No. The reason is, if something is special to you, don't tell just anyone coz they could gossip about it and trample your special "thing" into the ground.
"Don't throw your pearls to pigs" Jesus said. "They will only trample it under ground". And I always wondered what that meant!!

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ju said...

That is so true Janet! I saw I had one watcher on my blog lol! Which has been sorely neglected and then saw it was you YAY!

I've been enjoying your posts, mine are few and far between but wanted to but up the party and craft stuff I been doing, you'll love the new bag I made, well I love it tee hee!