Monday, January 2, 2012

Wedding frock

 Got a wedding to go to in February, so I decided to make myself a frock. $1.50 altogether. (Fabric $1 a metre, newspaper home made pattern). Just need to get rid of my fat-balomba tummy... How much weight can I loose in a month? Maybe if I just drink water and eat fruit for the next 5 weeks?

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Luarna said...

Well done. it's lovely. I highly reccomend sit ups for tightening tummy in a hurry. if you did 30 every day you'd have a significant difference by the wedding. (easy for me to say that, i need to be doing them)((naughty me))
I do think that your dress needs a little extra something. Hope you dont mind me saying. maybe something with a stronger colour or a touch of a stronger green to bring out the green in the dress. Maybe green shoes, or a big crocheted flower broch. The neckline is beautifully done and it sits so well over your hips.