Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Did I ever tell you about when I went to Tarawera recently, and I'd been 3 days without a computer and had spent the days walking through bush? That night after I put the girls to bed I turned off the light and lay down and closed my eyes.... and just about jumped out of my skin. I swear, as soon as I closed my eyes I was standing in the middle of the bush, with ferns and trees, pebbles I could almost touch and a little stream running past me. To add to the effect, I'd left the fan on in my room and a breeze was blowing on my face! I just can't describe how vivid it was. I could almost touch the things around me... it was like one of the bible visions, honestly, I  didn't know what was happening.
I remembered this last night and shut my eyes to see what my minds eye would see.... and saw my mouse hitting an icon!

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