Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm a christian but....

.... I love watching these Atheist Experience shows on You Tube
(and my church thinks I ask hard questions!!)

.... I love reading the Hare Krishna books they give out when they hang out in Papatoetoe

.... I love philosophy (do we even EXIST?? hehe)

... I am reading the Qu'ran right now
(which often leads to awkward silences when I mention it to other christians. Sometimes I'm tempted to leave them there languishing, but that's not love, so I say something like "I'm confident enough in my knowledge of the bible not to be intimidated in learning about other religions")

Basically, I just don't think we should be ignorant as christians, coz you know, christians can say some pretty ignorant stuff (not excluding myself there). Plus I love learning this stuff, and I don't think Jesus minds me doing it.

PS. You'd think my blog would be alot more enlightened than it is wouldn't you??! but I'll probably be blogging about my potatoes or something next week.

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