Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big news in lil old New Zealand.

Well, I voted today. A day early. Call me conscientious or what. I won't tell you who I voted for, but if you don't know anything about New Zealand politics... it's a JOKE. Our politicians are clowns!
Let me give an example.
They've just had what they call the "teapot saga". Right before the election our Prime Minister , John Key (pictured right)  was recorded at a lunch table, chatting with his mate. He was basically heard to have said he was a shoe-in to win, and joked about the average age of Mr. Peters voters (mostly elderly).

Oh the scandal!!

Mr. Peters found out what was said and made a big flourish telling everyone.

Does this sound like grown-up people to you? or kids in the playground?


dcpeg said...

Ha! Sounds very much like American politicians!! I suspect they have a "political gene" that makes them a bit odd; at least odd enough to want to run for public office!

jhonblack said...

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Jody Pearl said...

It's Universal and the media if they can smell blood will be like a dog with a bone - over here in Perth our Premier recently called someone on the opposition a 'Leprechaun' and the media would not leave it alone to the point they looked like bigger idiots than the pollies.

Janney said...

jhonblack: thanks :)

Jody Pearl: yeah, I agree, the media are clowns too!