Monday, November 21, 2011

As they say in the comic strips... AAAARRGGHHH!

Well, let me tell you about something really DUMB  I did yesterday. One of my customers asked me to redo a sign, and I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect, so  I packed the van with paint, trays, 2 ladders, heat guns and everything imaginable. When I got there I saw this sign. "This has gotta be it" I thought, expecting the worst. (I mean, look at it). Got to work and managed to get off two letters without a heat gun.

Just then I thought to myself, "Wait a minute... didn't he say it was on a pole?". Looked to my right and saw this...

DOH! I'd just taken two letters off someone else's sign!!!
Well, long story short, I rushed home and cut two letters and replaced them. Then feeling like a chump I thought I better tell them... and the guy just laughed (praise God!!). Glad some people have a sense of humour. Well, looking at the state of it he musn't have been too concerned about it anyway.

In the end, all I needed was a scraper and some turps.
The sign I actually had to do was still daunting, but I managed to get up there by resting the ladder against one of the bolts. As you can see the ladder is on quite a lean. Not too bad for a girl who couldn't even stand on a chair to change a light bulb when she first started sign writing, aye?

But still, ridiculous mistake!!!


Luarna said...

BAHAHAHA!!! thats fantastic. well done you. I'm very impressed. I love that when you make a blunder you do it really well. I think you're terrific.

Mark said...

That is too funny. At least you realized it before you did the whole sign.