Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What a day!

 Well, I went to get my Datsun's Warrant of Fitness the other day... it failed on a MULTITUDE of things, and I was travelling by train to the mechanics to get there and back.... well, I had to pick it up today. I was supposed to be babysitting Catherine and her cousin today, so I caught a taxi  instead so I wouldn't be leaving them with Nana too long...

I go to pick it up... my mechanic tells me I need a new battery, so he gives me a jump, I decide to leave straight away (instead of warming it up first), drive down the road and STALL... at the LIGHTS! so there I am stranded. "Need a push?" ... a couple of guys come out of there house, and two other guys jump out of their van and push me through the lights to the opposite road. There I am parked thinking, lucky I joined the AA for such an occassion... try my phone and it's not working anymore for some reason.
Well, my mechanic had told me to go to pick a part and get a second hand battery... so I decide to walk there even though its raining... so 25 minutes later I get there, and they tell me that they have no new ones at the moment! At that piont I'm thinking I should have called my mechanic... I've known him for years and I think I can trust him (still getting over my trust issues )...and also thinking, why is it I have no one else in my life I can call on at times like this??? Something I think I need to work on.
So I walk to the train station...20 minutes away and train home. "Are you girls alright?" "YEEESSSS" Ok good. Set up lunch and feed the girls. 
Set out in my van to go to the Datsun, thinking 'I didn't realise how comforting my van is'. Pick up the battery, take it to Auto One who tests my battery and sells me a new one. Go home and girls want to come along, so I get there, put in the new battery, start it straight away to move it closer to the footpath and flood the engine. NOTE TO SELF: Warm up the engine 10 minutes before doing ANYTHING.
Go back to my mechanic (He did emphasise to me "tell me what's going on!!", so maybe I should?)...go to him "what do I DO? should I call the AA?" "Nope... I'll be there in 15 minutes".. go there...wait... starts the engine and it starts straight away.... "how much for that?"... "don't worry about it" he says. My mechanic ROCKS.
Drive home and drop off the girls. Train back to Middlemore... 20 minute walk to my car, not raining this time.. 
NOW.... start the engine GINGERLY. 

Go to the testing station to see if I can get my Warrant.
It fails.
I need a clamp for my battery, and my brakes still need realigning. 
Go to SuperCheap Auto. Get clamp.
One more visit to my mechanic and I should be all legal.

Maybe after our trip to my Uncle's bach next week. :)


dcpeg said...

How frustrating! Stuff like that always seems to happen at the least convenient times and in multiples. Hope your luck improves after a restful break at your Uncle's place.

Janney said...

Oh wasn't too frustrating... more of an adventure, but yes, had a great time at the bach :) should post some pics.