Monday, October 31, 2011

Naan bread stir fry.

We are still doing FaithBox as a family on Friday nights, and now Catherine's cousin Aziza joins us. Here they are  dressed as toiletpaper Mummies... a bit like sin you see.... it restricts us and ties us up!

What do you do if your brother in law works at a food court and brings you more Naan bread each week than you can eat? Well, you get creative and make a up a dish: I call this my Naan Bread Stir Fry. (It's yummy and tastes like noodles)
4 pieces of Naan Bread, cut into strips
1 can of Garlic Tuna
Some shredded lettuce leaves.

Fry the Naan bread untill hot. Add the tuna, and heat through. Lastly add stredded lettuce untill just wilted. 

This is yummo, and we had lettuce in our garden so this was a $3 meal!

I'm loving the longer evenings, walking outside at 8pm and still being able to see. It gets even better in summer when you can still garden at 9pm!

Our church holds a light party every Halloween. I made Catherine a Powerpuff Girl outfit this year. Speaking of Halloween... this has never been a kiwi tradition, but the Warehouse, a large chain store, has single handedly managed to bring it in as a holiday, purely for a few extra bucks. As one radio DJ said yesterday... "Well, it's here... I guess we better just get used to it".


dcpeg said...

Sorry to hear about Halloween being "shoved down your throats." It's always about money, isn't it.

Your recipe sounds delish and so simple! Don't think I know where to find garlic tuna, so maybe you can give me a description so that I can make a substitution. Thanks for sharing your creation!

Janney said...

Hey Peg! Do you have cans of tuna in the US? That's all I used, except this one happened to be flavoured with garlic. You could always fry a bit of garlic first then add the tuna later... or add any kind of flavoured tuna if they have it.
Otherwise, it was just a cheap alternative to using meat!

dcpeg said...

Thanks for the tips! Of course we have canned tuna, but the flavored type sounds really good. Maybe some of our more "hoity-toity" stores have it. Either way, I've got to try your recipe!

Luarna said...

You have a brother-in-law? how did you manage that?

Janney said...

Well, I don't know what else to call him. He's Catherine's Dad's Sister's ex-husband. We call Catherine and Aziza cousins, so her Dad must be my brother in law (though not really, but kinda).