Monday, October 24, 2011

I know that last post was whiney... I don't care anymore. Blogging that stuff gets it off my chest and makes me feel better once it's out.
Catherines first day back at school tomorrow, and my Datsun's almost ready for its WOF (warrant). Also, summer is definitely here... long days and time for gardening in the evenings again.
Also, my Folk Festival program arrived! Time to veg out in a tent and listen to live music. And I'm totally sussed with finances this year... I've been saving up! God is good, and life is good too, as long as I don't let people (Mum) get me down and remember I'm not responsible for her moods!
Let me end on a happy note. Jesus is coming soon... no more crying, pain or sadness. Everything you dreamed your ideal life would be... I can't wait!

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dcpeg said...

No problem venting on your blog. It's what most of us do and, sometimes, we get feedback that helps us understand ourselves better and to solve our "issues."