Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bigger things

I bought myself an mp3 player yesterday... and now I wonder, "why didnt I do that sooner??". I can walk around in my own bubble and block people out if I want... people meaning certain family members. That sounds pretty stink, I know, but I'm just not a person who enjoys constant chatter and I need some SPACE. Just the other day I was getting all resentful about the fact that I haven't been able to listen to a certain CD I own for over 3 years because I can't enjoy it with Mum in the house. And she never leaves... EVER. Unless I take her somewhere. Every now and then I look on Trade Me for rental property in the nearby streets and every time I come tho the same conclusion. I can't afford $300 a week on rent alone! So I go back to my (currently) 12 year plan. I won't elaborate, but basically I hope to be dependant free by the time I'm 45. That used to depress me. Now it gives me hope. Times flyin' boy. (It used to be my 18 year plan).
In the mean time I'm trying to be happy in my situation. I've come to the conclusion that all my introspection hasn't done me any favours and my prayer lately has been "Lord, show me the BIGNESS of life". Ie. life is full of stories. I want to think about bigger things.

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