Tuesday, October 25, 2011

... driving me nuts!

I was wondering if I should blog this, but I'm pretty anonymous here... so here goes... Catherine caught head lice and gave them to me! Now I treated her hair and hers are gone, but mine won't leave! I think I have super nits. I tried 2 whole bottles of treatment on my hair. It said to leave in 3 minutes... I left it in OVERNIGHT. I think I was even itchier the next day! Then I tried the only thing that worked last year, which was cat flea-treatment! IT DIDN'T WORK. Then I thought I'd try a more expensive kind... that didn't work either. Then I thought I'd try something I heard on the News one time... suffocating them with oil and glad wrap. Nope. Didn't work. 
Do you want to know how desperate I'm getting? Today I put on a gas mask and sprayed my head with FLY SPRAY.... but I can still feel those little critters right NOW. I'll try again tomorrow and leave it in longer. If that doesn't work, the only other idea I haven't tried is dunking my head with Kerosene. If that doesn't work... WHAT CAN I DO????? Shave my head??????
These nits are driving me nuts!

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