Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I made stuff!

Ok, I made some stuff.... and I'm so excited about it! First thing I made is this extention for my bench saw... yes, I totally got welding today!

It looks like a bird pooped all over it... but that's beside the point. (The point being 'I welded today!')

And in my defence it was a cheapish gasless mig welder which splatters and even Rob (who leant it to me) has trouble with it.

So check it out! My bench saw that used to only cut to 400mm wide now has a removable attachment which can cut to 900mm!

(And price wise I saved a couple of hundred dollars by doing it this way instead of buying a dearer saw!)

And not quite so exciting but still nice are these little wall reminders to remind certain family members under the age of 7 to turn off the lights when they leave the room.

Quite pretty and I even made the glue myself. (1/2 a cup of flour boiled in 3 cups of water if youre interested).

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dcpeg said...

You constantly amaze me, Janet. Welding!! It's something I've thought I would enjoy trying, but have never had the chance. Way back in high school, I learned to "turn wood" on a lathe, something I'd love to try again.

You are an inspiration!!