Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Garage Sale Art.

Well, we had another church garage sale last week, and I didn't do any drawings, and apparently someone came asking if we had any more drawings!

So I'm gonna do 2 more. (We have another garage sale this weekend to sell the rest of the stuff).

Here's drawing 1. I'll do the second either today or tomorrow.
And look what my friend Myra let me borrow. A bread maker! I've been wanting one for years! And man... it makes YUMMY bread.... Look at those angelic rays just shining off the thing!


Mark said...

Love your drawing, can't wait to see the next one. Enjoy that bread.

dcpeg said...

Your baby drawing is simply adorable! Have you ever thought about taking commissions from new parents? I should think you could make some serious money with your talent.

Janney said...

Oh no, to be honest not really... although i have had one request already! My drawings usually look nothing like the original photos and I find doing so quite hard. Thats why I just like doing pictures of random faces because nobody knows what theyre supposed to look like!