Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yummy marshmallow!

Catherine shoved a piece of paper under my nose one day, on how to make marshmallow mushrooms. What the hey, I thought, and uncharacteristicly went out and spent $10 on ingredients. She needed meringue tops, but they didnt have any, so I bought these yummy little yogurt biscuits, but no, Catherine didnt like them (they are now in my food stash in my bedroom) so I said, "ok, we'll make the meringue tops". And WOW. These are the best meringues I've made in years! For some reason my merangues always come out like cat-poo. What did I do this time? I added a bit of water and beat them a bit longer is all I can think of. I'll have to commit that to memory for next time. In the end I managed to make them too big to sit on top of the marshmallows! But I don't think Catherine was too dissapointed. She made do in the end...

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