Sunday, July 3, 2011


If I were to write a "thankfullness" list today, I think I'd just start with the fact that I am genuinely thankful. Usually when I start a thankfullness list it's because I'm in a foul mood and it usually starts with things like "thankyou I didn't get attacked by a machete wielding maniac on the way to the letterbox today". In fact, most of the things on the list are things I grimmly think may not have happened today, but could very well happen tomorrow!

No. 2 on the list would be "thankyou for FAITHBOX". This is something we have just started with our family. It's a bible study to teach kids the fundementals of christianity in a fun way. Catherine had a blast last Friday. We did it with her Godmother and Nana. I heard about it on Radio Rhema, from a lady named Mary Grant. Her husband , Ian Grant, interviews her about it each Monday morning, and infact, this week he said something really poignant. "I have a real burden that we may possibly be raising the last church".
As an aside, it cracks me up when he finishes the interview with "Thanks sweetie". People must wonder! Actually... speaking of funny things, the funniest thing I ever heard him say was at a church service. He was asking her the name of a book from the stage, and he goes "What? ... Louder honey... like were arguing!". Ahaha... I laughed my head off!

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