Sunday, July 24, 2011

One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Well, it's been the hard-rubbish collection in Papatoetoe. You know how I said I fantasise about what I would do if I was destitute? Well, I've been doing it! It was a bit of a rush too, because it's pretty embarrassing to be seen picking through other people's rubbish... but look what I scored!
This chair... I'm going to paint it black and upholster it. Upholstery material is on special for $10 a metre at the moment.
And this mattress...
Some people would say "gross!"... but I got 4 buckets of hot water and drenched it with disenfectant ($1.25) and then recovered it in new material ($6)... total $7.25 for a mattress that would cost $80 brand new! Can't tell you how stoked I am!

1 comment:

Luarna said...

You're a genious. that will make Folk Festival more comfortbale for sure. And I would rummage through "unwanted goods" anytime with yoi.