Friday, July 22, 2011

I got sewing!

Well, Catherine went away with her Godmother for 2 days, and I got sewing!

4 pairs of leggings for winter, and a belt and a head-band. And basically all for nothing because it was the remant from a piece of fabric I'm using to cover a mattress. Teresa (Catherine's God-mother) said to me after I told her all the money I was saving.. "We're completely opposite! I'll spend any ammount of money to save time, and you'll spend any ammount of time to save money!".

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Luarna said...

I love this aobut you Janet. Seriously, yuo inspire me to try and "spend time to save money" too. I have the time, i just need to use it more wisely. such as ditch the Tv adn get busy.
H,mmmm "SPEND TIME TO SAVE MONEY" that miaght be my new mantra.