Sunday, June 19, 2011

Princess Catherine

Well, two cool things happened today. Number one: my book arrived! I mentioned it earlier that I'd been saving to get it published. I got a hundred copies printed and I'll be giving out copies as a gift this christmas! Not all of them though. I consider this a lifetime supply.
I wrote this book as a fifth form assignment, and a couple years ago I found it and thought I'd illustrate it properly and have finally saved the money to get it printed.

Number two, I had a phone call from a little girl from Manurewa Central primary school inviting me to see their cross country and have Catherine be presented with a book! You see, Catherine's God mother is a primary school teacher (ages 5-10), and Catherine wrote Teresa a book and said she could read it to her class... which she actually did! and THEN she got the whole class to write Catherine a book, and they are all excited about meeting her and presenting this book they have made her. So hopefully it all goes well. I'll have to dress her nicely, because they've been calling her "princess" Catherine! (due to the story she wrote). Fingers crossed :)

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