Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hello blog-land. I havnt really anything to blog about lately. I've lost my camera somewhere too.

I have had some woe-is-me days, but refrained from jumping onto my blog and once again telling everyone how dumb my life seems.

I'm also knitting socks and I've been really hanging out to finish them and blog about them. Boy, what an exciting existence huh? I've also been thinking about life (as usual, I'm way too contemplative ).. and my news years resolution, which was to enjoy this year, because I blinked and 2010 disapeared. Also, for a couple of years I only took photos for my blog, which was way unhealthy, so I've been trying to make friends, but I have this thing, (it's like a residue from my mental illness days) where I just get the feeling people hate me, or just don't like me very much. Even with my closest friends I can leave feeling like I've p***ed them off somehow. I went to a dinner party, and it went well... I didn't talk much, but I still left feeling like "well they think I'm a bit of a dork".. and then my friend tells me the next day they enjoyed having me there and would like to hang out again and have a crafty-get -together. Hard to get my head around the fact that what goes on in my head is different from what's actually happening around me.

Photo: Catherine when she was younger.


Mark said...

I like hanging out with you too.

dcpeg said...

Catherine looks positively delicious! With her in your life (I know she's older now)I would think your mood would be brighter, but I hear you. I've been on meds for years, but this summer has been particularly drab. I wonder if something is blowing in the breeze around the world! Hang in and keep working on those socks. My youngest sister also knits socks and they are WONDERFUL!!

Janney said...

thanks Mark :)

Janney said...

Hey Peg, I'm sitting infront of telly and knitting them now... looking forward to posting the pics!