Saturday, April 2, 2011

My next post was sposed to be Generosity Part 2 with a post from my diary, but I've decided against it. I often get so self absorbed it's embarrassing. In the way of news, Catherine (daughter) is over the moon because she has a part in the play from her god-mothers church. She is totally in her element and she's lucky she has someone in her life to contribute in ways I can't. She also had a party yesterday that she was looking forward to all week. (I was dreading it all week). She insisted on drawing on bits of paper and wrapping them up as a gift. I was so worried about how the 4 year old would react to recieving bits of paper (I bought him a proper gift), but the people there understood her intentions and made it all ok and Mr. four even thought some of them were kinda cool. Big relief for me as parties are stressful at the best of times.


Mark said...

I'm glad to hear the party, and the gifts were a success. And yes, they can be stressful, but they shouldn't be.

dcpeg said...

Catherine sounds like a really special little girl. I love her personalized gifts!!