Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's been a while since I did a dinner post. It's good to be grateful for the little things, isn't it? Check this out! Homemade sparkling grape juice! I boiled up grapes from our grapevine, stirred in some sugar, then added half and half fizzy drink.

I also made some homemade basil pesto from the profusion of basil in our garden. Yay for planting basil in our fertile garden area instead of the dry herb garden. Worked a treat! Recipe here.A wee bit salty. There's so much cheese it doesn't need salt... so I'll know for next time. I also used walnuts instead of pine nuts. I think I'll use pine nuts next time.

Here's our cat, Clyde. Missed all the cute poses, but there he is anyway. He's a bit of a wild one. Not too domesticated. Always coming home from the wars.

And here's us tonight at dinner. That's the most natural pose I could get from Catherine.

And me at the bach again today. The life huh?


Luarna said...

ok fristly i almost chocked on my mornign tea when i saw the photo of Catherine. secondly, grape juice clever you! yummy. thirdly, a 'Plethora' of Basil, what a cool word. it was PLethora you used right? Fourthly, I am jealous of your feet and legs in that photo.

Janney said...

OMGosh... that's bizare!! Plethora is one of my favourite words! but I used profusion... maybe you heard me use it before?