Thursday, March 3, 2011

The crazies out there.

I recently read this post on some people in the US who picket military funerals. Now why would they do that? I thought. Do they hate war? They must be some kind of peace activist. NOPE. Read this! They were a bunch of christians!!!!
They hold up big signs saying "God hates fags" and "thank God for 9/11". They are predominately focussed on one thing. Homosexuality. Now, I am a Christian myself, and I have alot more sympathy for christians who get it wrong than the average person would have. I mean, I wrote the book of "Dumb things done in the name of christianity". I know what it is to isolate myself and fixate on one aspect of the bible and come up with unbalanced view pionts. And this church seems to be founded by one guy and consists mainly of his own large family (around 70 members).
But when it comes to being "unbalanced" this guy seems to take the cake. You'd think the subtitle of the bible was "God hates gays". Actually... God hates SIN. GOD LOVES PEOPLE.
The bible says every single member of the human race is a sinner. Yes it does say homosexuality is a sin, but it is NO WAY the worst. According to my concordance the worst sins are actually pride and greed. Why? they are the two sins that sever our relationship with God. The first commandment? LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART!! Pride makes us think we dont need God. Greed sets itself up as another God!
The bible also says don't judge others. We are going to be judged by the same standard we use for others. So man!! that guy (Fred Phelps) is going to be in a pretty pickle on the judgement day when he's judged by his own unmerciful standards. (Oh yeah. God loves us to by merciful, because He is merciful.)
So in summary. We are ALL sinners. You. Me. Jesus was the only perfect person to live. He was the perfect sacrifice who died instead of us. WE deserved to die, (although sometimes it takes God himself to reveal that to us because we tend to judge others harsher than we judge ourselves, if at all!!) but Jesus did instead. Now accept that and you can stumble along with Jesus like me and have a mighty hand helping you every day. ("Whoops!! up you get" :)


Mark said...

Very nicely put. Yes, many crazies out here.

dcpeg said...

Thanks for the link to my blog, Janney.

I would argue one statement you made -- that the protesters were Christians. They CALL themselves Christians, but I think they are pure evil.

Janney said...

hmm... good point...