Sunday, January 9, 2011

new blog...

Well, I mentioned a while ago I wanted to start a wordpress blog because I can upload pdf sewing files to it.Well, I did it! It's called Little by Little and here it is. It's basically going to be patterns only, and it's called little by little, because I will add to it slowly. No whining on this blog. This is one I can put my name to. I think my friends from church read my old blog, they didn't say anything, but I'm pretty sure they looked at it when I was whining about my life having
no point apart from the one piece of joy in my life at the time, which was having a fridge in the garage. Slightly embarrassing to think of it now. But I will keep this blog going. This is like a dairy to me, where I air my naturally pessimistic outlook, or in other words, whinging (winjing? how do you spell that word?) and also rant on about spiritual issues in a way that would embarrass my christian friends... and myself if I hadn't already spent 7 years in society as a mad woman... but there I go again!! see... that's what your there for bloggy.

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