Tuesday, January 11, 2011

can't waaaait.

Man, I just soooo can't wait to ditch my business. (Am I boring you yet?)

I havn't made the announcement yet, so I've already had one guy text me saying "Jump Ma'am" and my response was "Yes sir...how high?". So when I see him tomorrow to do his car (and I'm sposed to be on holiday dammit), I'm gonna let him know that on February the 1st, I'm waving a sad goodbye (haha) to my slavery, er, business.

And the start of it all, when I cleaned up my room on christmas day and thought, "right! I'm sick of ppl coming into my room and messing the whole thing up", so having the equiptment, I set about making me a sign... a "NO ENTRY" sign, the first little step to independence. The thing I've been craving for years, but try not to talk/blog toooo much about because there are people with bigger problems in the world than that. But then it was God himself who told me I was bitter. (through a series of events/coincidences), so its true. I was. And as I said, now to make 2011 a year not waisted.

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