Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here we come!!

I spent alot of my holidays up at the bach this summer, and because Mum decided she didn't want to come up a second time, and Teresa came up for the night then took Catherine with her... I spent 4 glorious days there all by myself. I'm totolly planning to make it a regular thing... every thursday infact, while Catherine is at school... I'm gonna get those windows painted by gum! (It's been a ten year process which slowed to a halt when C. came on the scene).
I visited my friend Luarna, and discovered that maybe I like being with people sometimes... I think its just Catherines incessant annoying questions that drive me to think I was born to be a hermit... "Do I look like a giraffe? what about now? now mummy? what about now? what if I do this? what? I can't hear you mummy! now?".... etc... etc... ad infinitum.
And I made a cool bracelet there while she feed bubs.
I also discovered at the bach feet pictures are pretty cool.
I also made some little gifts while I was on holiday that I will upload later on... and the van, oh the van... IT IS DONE...I've stripped it and re-signwritten it. I'm not showing it now because it's a suprise for the Folk Festival which is in 2 DAYS TIME YAAAAY! It's funny, but I feel way more comfortable driving around in my peaced-out van than I ever did in that wanna-be-corporate... SELLOUT before... but I spoil things already... it shall be revealed!
I'm gonna try and take more pics this time... why do I always only take pictures on the day we pack up??


dcpeg said...

Please forgive my ignorance - I'm just an American.

What is "the bach"? The first time I saw it,I thought you'd meant to write the beach, but when it was there again, I figured I was wrong. . .

Janney said...

Hee hee... next time I go up I'll take some photos. In short it is a beach house, pronounced "batch"... named after the little huts 'bachelors' would use as a weekend getaway. I'll have to post on this when I get back!

dcpeg said...

Ah, thanks for explaining it. I was pretty sure it had nothing to do with music but never would have guessed it was short-hand for a beach hut -- cute!