Thursday, January 27, 2011

folk we come again!

Nearly forgot to do this.... Luarna will have left for the festival by now, so I can upload these now HEE HEE.... the van!!

here it is! A big peace sign like I dreamed about. Luarna said "it's not gonna look like the scoobie doo van is it?" HOW COOL... I'd LOVE to do that... "YOU CAN" she doesn't say mystery machine, but it's pretty scoobie dooish if you ask me. I get a lot of funny looks, but I don't care. I actually enjoy it, and now I feel I'm not pretending to be something I'm not. I feel like ME.

And those are the presants I made for Joelle (Jeffery and Helens little girl) and Isaac (Luarna and Hadens baby). I made them at the bach and stitched them by hand. I am putting instructions for the flower on my other blog soon, and the dolly was a free pattern from Indietutes.

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