Thursday, December 16, 2010

ho ho ho - roped in again :)

Well, another Christmas here, and another opportunity to get roped in by your church to do nativity scenes! Well, they only really asked me to draw in the outline, but call me vain... I just decided I should paint it in myself. It only ended up taking an hour or two, and ended up ok.

I've been blogging less lately. Mainly because I felt the need less and less to be introspective. Mainly because I've discovered some Philosophy lectures on the internet and it's made me think about things other than myself. It's also helped me come to terms with my self worth. Ie. what is the value of a human being above and beyond what they can contribute financially to the economy.

If I never made another dime, do I still have rights? Am I still of worth?
And other interesting stuff like how do I know what reality is. How do I know you even exist... how do I know I exist. Kinda fun things to think about and help to stop caring about how ppl may judge you for things you can't help.

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