Sunday, November 14, 2010

Well, I just thought I'd blog about life without tea. As you can see, it's been a while without tea.Since July in fact. My pastor is not very impressed with the fact that I still have the occassional cup. He has not had a drop of caffine in 20 years, and when I said I'd had a few but wasn't addicted he said "so you say"!!!!!. Well, let me tell YOU mister... I have the occasional cup when offered and to be polite, and until July of this year I was drinking 15 to 20 cups a day. I tried to limit it a couple of times to 4 a day, but I be twitching and hanging out looking at my watch thinking... c'mon 12 oclock, c'mon 12 oclock! And depressed... let me tell you! I think my depression had a lot to do with it too! Because I basically lived off caffine and sometimes would only have one meal a day.... dinner. And I guess after a night of no tea, I would wake up depressed and extremely groggy and would feel awful until I'd downed at least 3 cups. I mean REALLY groggy. Like I wouldnt really be awake until 11 or 12 in the morning (day). And it just occurred to me on Saturday that there's been a big improvement, because I had to wake up at 6.30 in the morning and I thought, "oh no, I'm going to be so groggy and sleepy, I won't remember anything so I'll have to pack the night before, and i'll be grumpy and I probably won't even remember to brush my hair"...and then the morning came and it felt like 12 in the afternoon and I was FINE! and I realised then how much things have become. That coupled with 9 oclock regular bedtimes and a piece of fruit each day. I tell you, I'm the poster child of a changed life due to healthy choices. It just goes to show there's a lot to say for wisdom and treating our bodies the way God designed them.

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